The Squeeze  

The Squeeze
The Florida Squeezed® Signature Scent

As we were creating our sunscreen line, tons of questions about the product came in from friends and family—and even from random beachgoers. Does the sunscreen work? Is Florida Squeezed® reef friendly? Does our sunscreen contain parabens? But across the board, the first question every person would ask us was “ What does Florida Squeezed® smell like?” That’s why it was critical for us to perfect our signature scent right out of the gate. 

Our sunscreen is more than just skin protection: as our head of R&D (and olfactory savant) Sara has told us over and over, ”Sunscreen needs to evoke a feeling of relaxation and escape whenever you apply it.” After dozens of different combinations, from coconuts to cucumbers, bananas to vanilla beans, we knew two things. First, we didn’t want the sunscreen to smell overly produced or loaded with artificial chemicals. Second, we knew we wanted to be able to source real ingredients from the amazing farmers in our Florida community. It was then that Sarah graced our olfactories with a cold-pressed orange. It was the perfect punch of cool, crisp citrus, followed by a hint of vanilla and native Florida blossoms. The fragrance captured the essence of Florida, blended into one perfectly relaxing scent that left us excited to reapply throughout the day. 

You know that smell of pouring a glass full of cold, fresh-squeezed orange juice first thing in the morning? Meet our most prominent scent note: cold-pressed oranges sourced from local groves, a citrus as refreshing as it is energizing.


Picture this: sunset bike rides through Palm Beach, a cool ocean breeze on your face, the scent of saltwater, and subtle floral notes as you cycle past blooming native flowers like jasmine and gardenia. 


We finished off our scent with delicate hints of sweet vanilla—an aroma associated with warmth, softness, and care, and connoting purity and simplicity.