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Florida Squeezed® Ranks the Top 10 Florida Beaches
The tourism speaks for itself here. With over 90 million annual visitors, Florida is an iconic destination known for its gorgeous beaches. Between the great weather and invitingly warm ocean, life really is a vacation in the Sunshine State. We pulled together a list of our favorite beachfront destinations, catering to a diverse range of seaside interestsbecause no two visitors are alike. Just don’t forget to pack your Florida Squeezed®. 
Florida Squeezed® Loves Florida’s Hidden Gems
When people think of things to do in Florida, they tend to alight upon the usual suspects: Disney World, Universal Studios, the Everglades, golf courses, and beaches. Of course, there’s much more to explore, for those willing to venture just a little farther off the beaten track. Consider checking out some of these less-traveled destinations—any of which, we’re confident, will take your breath away: